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Velocity 18U Elite Team

Velocity 18u Elite Team 
We look forward to teaching our players, and preparing them for tournament play and beyond toward  College & High School

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My Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Philosophy is the fact that playing softball is intended to be FUN! The coaches will be striving to make practices and games enjoyable experiences that will both develop skills and provide positive life memories for every player.

The success of our team is based on Practice of our players with INTENSITY, COMPOSURE, and ENTHUSIASM!

Teaching composure and keep cool under pressure and enthusiasm for the game the player will enjoy the game of Softball.

The goal for coaches is to teach all players the game of softball with the purpose of putting each player in best position to succeed.

“Playing time is earned, not given” is the foundation of my coaching philosophy. Most teams have starters and role players. However, starters should not receive any special treatment. Everyone on this team is expected to put the best interest of the team first, before any thought is given to individual accomplishments. No individual, coach or player, is more important than the team.

Team pride is another cornerstone of a competitive softball program. Winning builds pride, but so does hard work and commitment to individual and team goals.

We should instill in each player the belief that hard work pays off, and the harder a player works, the more she will achieve.

While winning is a goal for everyone, at the same time each player should focus on her effort - not the outcome. A team can always control effort but seldom the outcome of a game.

Players should set goals for themselves and the team. These goals should be challenging enough to require each player to extend beyond their present skill level. Each player should have the opportunity to achieve success and/or failure in game situations. When they succeed, give them positive feedback in terms of recognition and approval. When they do not succeed, give them feedback in terms of advice and or instruction.

Teaching and repetition are two of the tools used to prepare each player to be the best softball player she can be.

Start with fundamentals, work on techniques and individual skills and teach team defense in depth. Take every opportunity to teach and demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for everyone, starting with the coaches. Believing that "Perfect practice makes perfect." players should properly practice the skills being taught, on a repetitive basis, so that these skills become as natural as walking and talking.

The underlying philosophy is this: players compete with other players on teams rather than against the players on their team.

Finally, playing competitive ball should be FUN. Make practices and games enjoyable experiences that will both develop skills and provide positive life long memories for every player.


Players skills Video

Jamie Austin        #99

 Congratulation Fall Tournament

Velocity Softball College bound players

Player                          College                      Year     High School

Taylor DeLMonte                                                 DeSalle College                                     2011    Springfield Twp
Anna Blackwood                                                  UCLA                                                      2013    Upper Merion
Mariel Becker                                                        NYU                                                        2013    Germantown Academy
Brynn Riesenberg                                                 Oberlin College                                     2013    Germantown Academy
Kelsey Schagrin                                                    Ithca                                                       2013    Springfield
Jaye Lynn Reed                                                     California Pa.                                       2013    Wsynoming
Casey McGrath                                                     Penn State                                            2014    St. Basil
Jamie Austin                                                         Kutztown                                              2014    Cheltenham
Courtney Konowal                                              Shippensburg                                        2014    Plymouth Whitemarsh
Rachel Konowal                                                   Monmouth                                            2014    Plymouth Whitemarsh
Sam Grzegorszyk                                                  West Chester                                        2014    CB West
Abbey Boyer                                                         Wagner                                                 2014    W. Reading

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